Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quilts for brothers (2)

Here's the second quilt I made for the boys: another strip quilt, this time with 60° triangles.
Once I had all those triangles cut and sorted, I pondered about the layout. On the left you can see monochromatic spiderwebs, on the right I layed out multichromatic spiderwebs.
I liked the multichromatic version better so I started sewing those webs together: I had to use tons of starch to get acceptable results.
Like the first quilt I made for the boys, I only quilted within the white strips. This time choosing a single, simple quilt design, because I thought things were already varied enough. So, simple steep loops, many "l"s was all I quilted in light grey Aurifil thread throughout those light parts of the spiderwebs:

The backing is the same on both quilts: black pindots on white. I used the same fabric for the binding.
Here's a close-up shot of the quilting:
And this is the quilt in it's entirety:
I hope that these two quilts will be loved by the boys, now while they are still small and also later when they grow up. I chose those contemporary colours and prints so they can still use them when they are teens or twens or "really old" (o;
Happy quilting!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quilts for brothers (1)

When our friends moved away, I made quilts for their boys as a special memory to take with them, to remember us from time to time. The boys used to share one bedroom so I wanted to make similar quilts, matching in colour but not strictly in design.

I chose low volume grey and white-ish prints and accent fabrics in blue, green, dark grey and turquoise and started sewing 4 strips together. Out came my 90° ruler and I cut striped triangles from each 4-strip-set.

Then the fun pain of trying out different layouts began... I opted for a giant arrow, diagonal rows, chevrons and diamonds. Which one do you like best?!
Once I decided on the design (Diamonds, because it matched my choise for his brother's quilt best), I started sewing the blocks together. Trying to match those points and cursing when the bulky seams made things difficult...

I only quilted within the light strips with a light grey aurifil thread and tried out different fmq designs...

(oups, can you see how I kept myself going while struggling with the quilt...? What is you prefered beverage during fmq sessions?)

I tried waves...

... and leaves...

... and triple loop-de-loops...

... and feathers.

I added his name and used a scrappy low-volume binding, finished off with a triple-zig-zag-stitch.
And here it is... the first of the two quilts for brothers...

I'll be back with the second one shortly...
Happy quilting



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Giant Pillowcover or stuffed baby quilt

My cousin had her second baby in December. So it was high time for a new project! I made a baby quilt that can be stuffed with a giant pillow form (80 x 80 cm). 

 The pillowcover can make for a light blanket (unstuffed for warm weather) or a “baby duvet cover” (aka stuffed with a giant pillow) for cold days – while the baby is still small.

 When she gets older, she can still use it as a pillow cover. I chose colours and prints that are not too baby-ish, so she might still like it when she’s grown up. (BTW: fabrics are “Just my type” by Patty Young)

I quilted it with variegated yellow Aurifil thread in on of my favourite FMQ designs. I really like the combination of squares and dogwood quilting.

Here’s a close-up of the zipper, that I partly hid within the binding.
Ha, did you realize I chose to use SASHING for the first time in ages?! It must have been 3 years that I last opted for sashing (or so it seems…)
Now I just hope that my cousin and her little girl like that quilted blanket/pillow cover/duvet cover (o:

See you soon with more finished quilts!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

ninja birthday party

Little boy chose a ninja theme for his 6th birthday.


(image source)

We asked his little guests to dress in black – some even came fully dressed as ninjas. They all received red strips of knit fabric as belts and head bands. Then we started our ninja boot camp and we headed into the forest.

ninja boys

The boys had to pass tests, proving their ninja qualities, such as balancing…



handling delicate objects…


… making ninja moves while jumping…

ninja moves

… fighting with double-bladed ninja swords…

ninja fight

…running and afterwards sneaking silently through the forest (my fabourite part)…


…aiming (we had two games, one with water pistols and this one with nerf guns)


After passing all the test, every ninja apprentice received his own ninja sword (a red pool noodle with black “taped” handle)…

ninja swords

…and his own ninja mask (I bought cheap balaclavas and added a red strip of knit fabric).


I thought I’d share our birthday party with you because it was a huge success with the boys.

Enjoy planning your own ninja party!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Railfence – a scrappy baby boy quilt

A sweet baby boy was born in late june. My friend Verena and I, we made him a gift inspired by this pillow.

Henriks Quilt Kopie

We chose lots of black & white prints (many from ZenChic’s new line Modern Backgrounds “Paper”) and some blue, turquoise, green and yellow scraps.


We used raw-edge-appliqué to “write” his name on the back:

Detail letter


Here are some of my favourite blocks: some crowns…


… newspaper advertising…


…crossword puzzles…


…and some funky glasses…


I only stitched in the ditch of those inner seams, which makes a nice pattern on that flannel star-y backing:


We used left overs from the top for a scrappy binding. My favourite is this leaf-y print from Lotta Jansdotter:


As always, I used a triple zig-zag-stitch to sew the binding down with my sewing machine:

Henriks Quilt binding

Here is another shot, all rolled up and ready to be gifted:

Henriks Quilt rolled up

So easy and so much fun to make. Now to perpare another baby quilt for my cousin that is due with her second baby in December…

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

(Back) to school!

Last year I told you about the german tradition of giving “sugar cones” to first graders’ for their very first day of school.

Well, we have another first grader this year. So I made another sugar cone from fabric. He asked for a “soccer” version, which was rather difficult to make.


I really dislike most of the soccer themed fabric out there. So I made a border from this knit fabric:

cone construction

cone construction 2

I added some black and white “ball” fabric and machine stitched his class, his name and the date of his first day of school. Here’s a closeup:

cone detail

And this is the cone and his school bag:

bag and cone

An early morning shot before we left for school:

first day of school

All kids have their own school agenda that is spiral bound. By the end of the year those spirals are rather oval or bend but no longer round. So I made some quilted covers for my boys’ agendas. Soccer themed for little boy…



…and ninja themed for our new second grader…


That little ninja is completely appliquéd and one of my favourite makes ever. The design is from I just turned the embroidery  design into a raw-edge-application.


Both boys were also invited to a sleep over party, so we needed a second bag for toothbrush, etc. for the boys. (Unless I’d send them out with my pink one. Hihi.)


It is lined with coated cotton so throwing in an open tooth paste tube will not ruin it entirely (ask me how I know).


Well now, the first weeks of school are already over. We are heading into our fall break. Little boy is not very excited about school and tends to do his homework with the least effort possible but he seems to get along well enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed (for the next couple of years, I guess…). Sigh.

Are there any “first day of school traditions” in your whereabouts?!

Happy sewing everyone!

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