Monday, June 24, 2013

Neck Bean Bag – A free tutorial

Before life turned wild, I had shot some photos of the Neck-Heat-Bag that I made as a birthday present for my mom. Sarah asked for a tutorial and here it is:

Download the free pattern (handdrawn, nothing fancy…), print it at 100%, tape it together and cut it out.

You’ll need:

  • 45cm x 70cm cover fabric (100% cotton)
  • 45cm x 70cm inner fabric for the bean bag (100% cotton)
  • some cm of velcro
  • beans (I used rapeseed/canola but you could also use Wheat, Rice or Oatmeal)
  • basic sewing supplies

Cut out the fabric TWICE (following the mark for the FRONT) and ONCE on the fold (using the inner mark for the BACK as your guide)

Cut out fabric

Fold in the straight edges twice…

fold in edge

… like so. Topstitch along the edge.

iron folded edge

Lay out the fabric left sides together with the straight edges overlapping.

lay out left sides together

Pin the two pieces of velcro in place.

pin velcro

And stitch them down.

sew velcro

Close the velcro and lay out the pieces right sides together:

lay out right sides together

Pin to secure from shifting. Stitch all around the edges TWICE. Once with a straight line stitch and another time using a zig zag stitch. Or use a serger.

zig zag all around

Cut out the inner fabric TWICE on the fold. Just a bit smaller than the outer fabric.

cut out inner fabric

Place the fabric right sides together and sew all around using a narrow straight line stitch. Leave a small opening:

leave opening

Turn inside out.

turn inside out

Fill with beans and close opening. Afterwards sew some straight lines thereby forming even segments to prevent the beans from shifting.

fill with beans and sew lines

Slide into the cover, step back and admire.

insert into cover

Now go heat it up* and relax =)

Have a lovely week!!!

*Be careful and never leave your heat bag/ bean bag unattended in your microwave. I set mine at 350W max. And please: don’t burn yourself, always check the heat of your bean bag before applying to your body (o;


  1. Great and useful tutorial Christine. Hope things have settled down.

  2. Hi! I was happy to found your neck bean bag tutorial. I made one for my husband yesterday. I post two pictures on my site. I talk about your tutorial (in french) and add a link. Thank you very much! was very helpful.

    1. did you sew it with the beans or rice "in" the bag, does a machine sew over rice?

    2. Yes, I've sewn over the rice. The presser food presses the grains aside (does that make sense?!)


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