Friday, November 2, 2012

It might end in addiction

I made more bags and fabric baskets.
It might seriously become an addiction.

Some of these days, I found myself going to work with my lunchbox in my hands. The next day, I took some yoghurt and fruits and was juggling them to work. Why had I never made a lunch bag for myself? It was due time to sew one.

Say lunch bag. Think Ayumi.
I downloaded her fabulous tutorial and after having cut all my pieces when the kids were playing together, I sewed it up in one evening.


Lunchbag (16)


Lunchbag (4)

And Back:

Lunchbag (1)

The lining is a piece of a coated and washable tablecloth I once bought in a dollar store. I forgot to take a photo but it isn’t worth seeing anyhow.

I kind of messed up the second seam at the top but I’m too lazy to unpick the stitches. I like it anyway. I like the fabrics and the size is perfect. I’m going to take it proudly with me to the office (o:

And then I made another fabric basket for my friend (infact I promised to make her one 1,5 years ago). I learned the hard way that it is better to stick to the instructions of the tutorial. Even if it is your own. There was a lot of unpicking and swearing involved )o:

Birgits Korb (6)

But it turned out great and very fall-ish.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. -der Lunchbag ist wirklich toll, ich habe auch einen genäht und benutze ihn auch.
    Dein Blog gefällt mir, deshalb habe ich mich als Leser hier eingetragen.
    Bente / QuiltBlog!

  2. I'd love a lunch bag, but I have to take my husbands too and I'd need one twice as big! And I like fabric basket too. I might make that for my sis for christmas

  3. This is awesome, your fabric taste and mine are the same. I've been looking through your other posts and I love your projects!

  4. What an adorable little bag ... love that drawstring interior. :-)


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